Oh Boy!

A baby is always a joy and a blessing to have, and little baby boys, well... I just adore them. I'm only a bit partial, because I've only been a Mom to a son, a great son nonetheless. So when a customer asked me to make her baby shower cake, I delightfully accepted. This baby took his time choosing when he would come to this world and bless us with his presence. I know his parents can't wait to officially meet him and love him unconditionally. 



The little shoes were so adorable, and the blue suspenders, oh boy! I just thought this cake was too cute. 

The top teir was chocolate with chocolate ganache, and the bottom teir was vanilla, I colored some of the batter blue and swirled it in, just for fun. It was covered in a vanilla buttercream.



Congrats on you blessing of a baby boy. 

Are you in Red?

Are you in Red?